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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
Fischer and Kristo were in totally different boats. Fischer wasn't signed by the Habs so they gave up his rights. Fischer is in the same boat as current NCAA draft picks, Walsh, Didier, Cichy. Kristo is in the same boat as Bennett, MacMillan and Sullivan.

When you draft a player out of the NCAA, one of two things happen. One is that said player goes to the NCAA right after being drafted. The other is that said player does not go to the NCAA right away.

If said player goes to the NCAA right away, there is no loop hole and said player can only sign with the NHL team that drafted them. The NHL team has to sign the player after he completes his 4th season (unless redshirted which is an injury exemption). In the case of Fischer the Habs opted not to sign him since they would get the 50th overall in place of signing him since he was a 1st round draft pick.

If said player doesn't go to the NCAA right away, and plays in another league the following season after being drafted (like the USHL, BCHL, USHS, etc..) then after his junior year he can opt out of signing with the NHL team that drafted him. To do so he must inform the school he won't be returning and he has to let the NHL team that drafted him know of his intentions before June 1st. If said player opts NOT to become a UFA, then the loop hole is forever closed and said player would be treated just like the group that went directly to the NCAA.

I haven't heard a single word on the future of this loophole. Got to think the Ducks are none to happy with losing Schultz since he's ripping up the AHL after being a top D in the NCAA. Hopefully if the loophole isn't closed, guys like Bennett and MacMillan won't opt out.
Ahh! Thanks a lot Montreal!

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