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11-28-2012, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
Your rose colored glasses have rose colored glasses Cin. I used to watch pre lockout hockey when I wanted to take a nap, that's how boring it was. Clutch and grab is slow and boring and stifles creativity and speed. Not to mention it's coming back anyway, the playoffs were clutchier and grabbier than they have been in quite a while. ESPN sucked for hockey as well, though I would rather have that than NBCSN just because it's one of those channels that most people don't get and it certainly isn't worth upgrading to a new package to get it. That being said it does a much better job covering hockey than ESPN ever did, it doesn't treat it like an ugly neglected stepchild like ESPN would have.

I kind of enjoy your flair for the dramatic but in the grand scheme of things this lockout has lasted about two months of a regular season, it's fairly insignificant in the long run I would say. Yes, some fans won't come back, and I agree the NHL will absolutely take a hit but it won't kill the league. I would say the lockout would have to go into next season for it to kill the league, though an entire season lockout would probably get us a good part of the way there in many non traditional markets that are just now building up a fan base.

I get so annoyed when people put so much hate on Gary Bettman, I mean that is half his job. The man is a sponge for people who don't seem to realize he does what the owners want him to do, he gets paid 9 mil a year to do that. By the way, the owners want those 12 year contracts gone as much as you do, and that means Bettman by extension. I won't defend the guy who has been at the head of three lockouts, but I get so tired of watching people hate the **** out of one guy like there aren't dozens of other people on both sides that are equally at fault.
Well said. Bettman doesn't work for "hockey" or hockey fans, he works for the owners. He wants to watch hockey as much as anyone. He isn't just poking hockey fans with a stick because it seems like fun.

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