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11-28-2012, 05:33 PM
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You guys would absolutely **** your pants if you saw the conversation between my coworker and myself.

He pretty much hates the NHL because it raises his cable bill, hates Katz because he is greedy and wants to suck more money from the city and its citizens, thinks all Oiler fans are sheep that will go watch the product on ice even if they trade away the youngstars.


Having a winning team in Edmonton is leaving money on the table for the rest of the league. Why keep a good, high salary, big ticket player? Edmonton doesn’t care if they win! Why would a savvy businessman not sell him out as quickly as possible given the fact we’ll sell out a “guaranteed” loss?

Nope. Instead, sit in the basement, get draft picks, train ‘em up, use them for “hope” for the suckers, have a couple “rebuilding” seasons while you figure out which of the investments(players) has the best return (performance per dollar), trade ‘em off.

If I was a shareholder in the Katz Group I’d sue if they DIDN’T do that. They have an obligation to maximize profitability.

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