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11-28-2012, 04:43 PM
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Moneyball relation to hockey?

I saw the movie Moneyball recently (fantastic movie if you haven't seen it) and I found it extremely interesting. It took a tremendous amount of ingenuity to rethink how construct a team and I wondered how this concept would be applied to hockey and if there already sabremetrics applied to it? In the movie, the talk about instead of buying wins, they should be buying runs. I would think that in hockey terms you would be buying goals? Few questions I guess would be:

How many goals would it take a reach the post season?

How many goals against could be allowed to reach the post season?

What actual statistics are the best indicators of producing goals?

I'm not much of a math person so forgive me. However I would have to think that puck possession would have the most positive correlation.

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