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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
That's my problem. I know what to do, but I keep wanting to rush the puck up and score goals, especially when we're getting killed and not scoring at all and giving up 7+ goals a night.

I miss getting 5-10 shots on goal each night and getting at least a goal every other game. Four games without any goals and -10 or whatever and I feel useless.

I joke that I play wing like Phil Kessel, using speed and taking wrist shots on the rush but being kind of lazy on the backcheck...but I also play defense like Phil Kessel too

Oh I did enjoy playing D for our summer team who had some really good forwards. It's fun to hit a guy who nobody on the other team sees for the breakaway or to cycle the puck and get shots from the point. But at our's more like dump the puck and start skating backwards to defend the 3-on-1...
Being switched to D has made me realize that I hate losing/giving up goals WAY more than I like scoring. I LOVE shooting (haven't scored a ton), but I would much rather stay out of the offensive zone and not give up easy breaks than get in the zone and score a few times, but also give up some easy breaks. I'd still prefer to play some wing, but my hatred for giving up goals takes over when I get put at D. I'm extremely competitive, but in a silent "what sould I have done better" way, not a yell and scream at my teammates way.

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