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Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
The owners take all the risk financially has turned into hockey players take no risk at all in their lives? You guys are arguing against nothing.

He's talking about NHL players, and if you've made the NHL, then you've already made back any money you spent getting there. If you want to talk about guys who missed their shot, that's an entirely different topic.

You guys aren't even arguing about the CBA anymore. Whatever the CBA ends up being, the guys who never make the NHL will never be affected by it.
The point is, the players have taken on risk to get there. Alright so those that don't make it have taken on risk that hasn't worked out. Same is true for any start-up that doesn't make it.

Now why is it that this idea of risk is being argued? It's because the owners have said they take on all the expenses and the players don't. But that's not strictly true, what the players take on is the expense of time invested before their payout IF they make it to the NHL.

To me the risks are equal, the owners take a risk by buying into an NHL franchise to either sell it off for a profit, or in the case of larger franchises make some money from it. I would say that most franchises are bought as an investment much like real estate is often bought as an investment. Especially here in Vancouver, yikes...

And for the players they take on the risk of trying to make it to the NHL.

In both cases, it is the owners responsibility to assume the risk of potentially losing money, much like it is the players responsibility to assume the risk of potentially not making the NHL.

I've read posts about owners hold all the money, and yes they do, but players hold all the "IP". If someone with lots of money wants to be the leader in a market and is only willing to pay minimum wage to try and become a leader in said market, I don't think that model would lead to success, or it would lead to a high turnover rate.

What I'm trying to say is that if you hold all the cards and aren't willing to share with the people that make your company be successful, well you won't be successful because the ones with all the cards don't also do the innovation. (And this is again not exclusively true, but a group of owners don't = NHL players)

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