Thread: News Article: Jacobs shuts up Jets mgmt rep
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11-28-2012, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Guerzy View Post
The latest.
Originally Posted by DespoticNewt View Post
That settles it then. More needless hyperbole by a sports writer desparate for hots.
C'mon you guys, let's not jump all over this garbage and hang the 'scapegoat de jour' just because some bozo reporter decides to stir the pot.
First of all, I have no doubt that Chipman can hold his own with Jacobs and the old-fart owners, much more so than the player reps can with Fehr. He (MC) is soft-spoken but very smart and calculating.
Secondly, Jacobs' team isn't that big a contributor to league profits--TO, NYR and MTL do most of the heavy lifting. According to Forbes, the Bruins did not make much more of an operating profit than the Jets last Jacobs does not hold that much financial clout. In any case, the Bruins organization seems to know how to win Stanley Cups, so I'm giving the old man the benefit of the doubt.
Thirdly, the Jets are amongst the least likely teams in the NHL to be adversely affected by this lockout. They have a rabid fan base and guaranteed sellouts for the next 4 years; by then this will all be ancient history. So the quote attribited to our unnamed substitute governor makes no sense.
Finally, IMO we should not lose sight of the main objective here: building a financially stable, winning organization in Wpg. For the league and for the Jets, that may mean standing firm for a while longer.
Don't believe everything you read.

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