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Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
There's probably more than just one for each position, but here are some...

Centers: Mid 80's - Early 90's (Gretzky, Lemieux, Yzerman, Messier, Hawerchuk, Savard, Francis, early Sakic)

Left Wings: Late 50's - 60's (Hull, Mahovlich, Moore, Bucyk)

Right Wings: 50's (Howe, Richard, Geoffrion, Bathgate)

Defensemen: Mid 80's - Mid 90's (Bourque, Chelios, Coffey, MacInnis, Howe, Leetch, Murphy, and just because I know someone is bound to bring him up...Housley)

Goaltending: 90's - Early 00's (Roy, Hasek, Brodeur, Belfour, Joseph, some of Barrasso)

Goaltending: Mid 50's - Early 60's (Plante, Hall, Sawchuk, Worsley, Bower)
totally agree with the centers one. i know you didn't mean your list to be exhaustive, but i'd add oates, gilmour, lafontaine, and federko. in terms of defining the era precisely, maybe we could say between when mario entered the league ('85) and the year oates, lafontaine, and gilmour peaked ('93), right before fedorov won the hart (the non-gretzky, mario, or messier player to be first team at center since 1980).

wings definitely.

defensemen, you could also make an argument for the 70s: orr, potvin, park, savard, robinson, lapointe, and salming is pretty amazing. it's also hard to define the true golden age of the bourque generation, being that he, stevens, macinnis, etc. all played so long. but could we say between when leetch enters the league ('89) and when blake wins his first norris ('98)? the sestet of bourque, chelios, macinnis, stevens, coffey, and leetch owned those years.

with goalies, hard to find a tie-breaker between the 50s and 90s, but i kind of want to go with the 50s just because if the 90s were the golden age of centers, defensemen, and goalies, then that makes it the golden age of hockey. that was the era i grew up watching, but i'm hesitant to anoint it the golden age.

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