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Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post
He should be higher in the pecking order because he beat Gustafsson over two years ago? That's probably the only thing he has over Gustafsson right now.

Neither guy deserves a title shot right now but if they win their upcoming fights, they'll be in the conversation. If Gustafsson beats Shogun, he'll be on a six fight winning streak with wins over Shogun, Silva, Matyushenko, Hamill, Te-Huna, and Diabate. If Davis beats Forrest, he'll be on a two fight winning streak with wins over Forrest and Prado.

Davis has that win over Gustafsson on his resume but IMO that's not a factor here because it happened so long ago. But even if you do factor that in, what Gustafsson has done recently is still more impressive. Assuming Davis wins his next fight, I think he would still have to beat Gustafsson (again) or beat a top 5 or 10 guy to jump ahead of Gustafsson. Forrest isn't in the top 10 anymore and Shogun is top 5. Davis only has that one loss on his record and it was against one of the best LHWs in the UFC but he hasn't beaten a top guy yet.

They offered Shogun the Jones fight before Belfort and Chael so obviously they have him ranked higher than those guys. Chael might be getting the title shot but you can't put him in the top five since he hasn't fought in that division in years.
I don't agree with everything, but I agree that Davis and Gustafsson probably both need another fight. Doubt they fight each other though since they train together I believe, although it would make the most sense timing wise.

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