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11-28-2012, 05:55 PM
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I have only cursory knowledge, but guess you might get somewhat "cheap" glass optics (3" diameter) and maybe a tripod for $130.

(My dad in his retirement cut a hole in the roof, and reconfigured the attic for a 12" computer controlled telescope. IIRC, the telescopic set up, sans computer, was at least $15k. Kept a 6" telescope when they moved into retirement apartment.)

Guess what needs to be asked are:

Why are you looking/what do you want to see?

Do you want to capture images?

How long do you plan on star gazing? 30 minutes? 6 hours? Do you want computer control to keep "tracking" to compensate for earth rotation?

Do you want computer control to "point" to the general area you want to look at?

Might be worth a quick Amazon search to see what's out there, and/or check out some astronomy clubs in your area.

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