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Originally Posted by bambamcam4ever View Post
Crosby has 123 points in his last 71 games for a PPG of 1.73
Jagr averaged 1.82 PPG in 1995-96 over a whole 82 game season.

Crosby has mostly had a Forsbergesque type PPG effect. What I mean by this is that they both sit out long stretches of games, they both play on teams with centermen just as capable as them of being the 1# center and they both don't play games hurt. Sure Crosby's concussion and Forsberg's foot and spleen problems are tough to play with but at the same it's much easier to maintain a higher PPG.

I will give an example of what I'm trying to explain.

Player A finishes a season (82 full games) with 123 Pts (1.50 PPG).

Player B has 66 Pts in 41 games in season 1, 20 Pts in 12 games in season 2 and 30 Pts in 16 games in season 3.

Player B finishes with 116 Pts in 69 games total. (1.68 PPG).

Obviously player B has a much better PPG, but which player was truly more impressive?

When you play a full season, you're bound to have highs and lows, streaks and slumps and injuries, so to maintain a high PPG throughout the entire season is much harder to have than a high PPG in sporadic stretches.

Forsberg benefited from this in his career, especially post-2000 and Crosby seems to be benefiting from this over the last 3 seasons.

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