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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
How many Stanley Cups did the PCHA and other Western Leagues win against the NHA or NHL when the final was in the east and they did not have the home advantage? NHA and NHL did win SCs out west.
Good question. From wikipedia, from 1915-1926 "the Stanley Cup championship finals alternated between the East and the West each year, with alternating games played according to NHA and PCHA rules."

1915 in Vancouver: Vancouver (PCHA) wins 3-0 over Ottawa (NHA)
1916 in Montreal: Montreal (NHA) wins 3-2 over Portland (PCHA)
1917 in Seattle: Seattle (PCHA) wins 3-1 over Montreal (NHA)
1918 in Toronto: Toronto (NHL) wins 3-2 over Vancouver (PCHA)
1919 in Seattle: Seattle (PCHA) and Montreal (NHL) tied 2-2-1 when the series is cancelled due to the Spanish flu
1920 in Ottawa/Toronto: Ottawa (NHL) wins 3-2 over Seattle (PCHA)
1921 in Vancouver: Ottawa (NHL) wins 3-2 over Vancouver (PCHA)
1922 in Toronto: Toronto (NHL) wins 3-2 over Vancouver (PCHA)
1923 in Vancouver: Ottawa (NHL) wins 2-0 over Edmonton (WCHL)
1924 in Montreal/Ottawa: Montreal (NHL) wins 2-0 over Calgary (WCHL)
1925 in Victoria/Vancouver: Victoria (WCHL) wins 3-1 over Montreal (NHL)
1926 in Montreal: Montreal Maroons (NHL) wins 3-1 over Victoria (WCHL)



On 6 occasions (1916, 1918, 1920, 1922, 1924, and 1926), the NHA/NHL team was at home and they won all 6 times.

On 5 occasions, the Western Team was at home:
In 1915, 1917, and 1925, the Western Team won at home.
In 1919, the series was tied and then cancelled due to the flu.
In 1921, the Ottawa dynasty won their second straight Cup on the road.

On 1923, the final was played in Vancouver, but the Western Team was from Edmonton. The Ottawa dynasty won their 3rd Cup in 4 years.

1921 is the only time during this time period that a team won the Cup in the home rink of their opponent. I'm not sure if Vancouver favored Edmonton over Ottawa in 1923 because they were "Western," but even if this counts as a second time that the NHL won the Cup in hostile territory, both times were by the stacked Ottawa dynasty.

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