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Originally Posted by SomeDude View Post
The laws on fake ID's in the US have gotten much stronger in recent years. In college, an organization I was in had a party busted and the University had us bring a LCE Officer (Liquor Control Enforcement) to explain the laws to us. If you're caught with someone else's ID you can get hit with identity theft and all which comes with it, which is life altering for someone who's not a professional athlete.

Of course, I'm sure not all officers actually go that far unless they feel someone really deserves it, and I'd imagine they feel Sheahan has enough problems with the DUI then to pursue how he got the ID.
Thats crazy, its still fairly strict in Canada though. Alot of people I know throw campus parties and they are ragers but rarely get busted and if they do the peace officers just tell everyone to go home and thats the end of it. I still cant imagine not being able to drink and go to clubs till 21. A little off topic: I know me and my friends started drinking at parties and such around 15 (the odd weekends) but it didnt seem that odd since legal age was only a couple year away. What age do Americans start hitting the bottle. Do they start later since the drinking age is 3 years more?

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