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Originally Posted by clefty View Post
- Guys who pay hundreds of dollars to sign up for a season, then show up for two of the 20 games. I mean, it's not my money I'm wasting I know, and yeah it's more ice time for me, but when you get a situation like I had recently when only 8 players show up, you're exhausted by the second period from all the double shifts you have had to take, you lose 8-2 and don't give a damn, it kind of takes the fun out of it.

- Wingers who think they need to collapse back down to the goal mouth when the other team has the puck, and hang around at the opposite blue line when we have the puck. As a defenseman, this makes me crazy. Every game I've got to tell a winger "get outta here, I got it" when we're in our own zone. Let me handle the front of the net and my corner, you worry about what's coming from up high. Then when I retrieve the puck from a dump in for example, they just cruise around up ice expecting me to hit them with a 130 foot pass. I've got two or three forecheckers on me, and no outlet.

I don't expect superstars out there, I'm an okay but not great player myself. I know some guys are relative newcomers or otherwise just don't skate a ton of icetime. But you gotta push out there, backcheck and skate as hard as you can. If you're tired and can't do that - change!
Oh I've got a few of these types on my team, come sit right on top of me in the slot, hey cover your guy not mine, or when you have an opposing player basically confined to a corner and he is just about to throw away the puck because you have closed the gap when all of a sudden one of my wingers flys by me to help me out and bang pass to the high slot and in the back of the net it goes. I also like when the forewards are flying up ice looking for a breakout pass and they are skating straight up ice away from me, I'm not Fing Joe Montana I cant lob a pass over your shoulder dumbass.

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