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11-28-2012, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
There's also a third possibility: there may have been enough incoming new STHs to offset a lot of those who left. I really don't know how they are internally arriving at 1-2%, whether that's the number of actual cancellations or the number that the STH base has decreased since a particular date in the summertime. I know which one I'd use if I had to answer this question on a daily basis.
That's what I've been thinking about the numbers, as well. All the big moves were made early in the summer and they almost certainly had a huge boost in STH then.

They could also be trying to use some other type of trick like only counting full season STH cancellations, and not any of the partials? Having studied statistics/polling there are so many ways to manipulate numbers to make them say what you want to. Especially if you have an agenda in mind.

It's amazing the comments I get around town here in Greenville wearing my Canes hat about the lockout and people hoping they start back up soon, asking info about it, etc. Just about a daily thing at this point. Hopefully it won't set things back too much, because the Canes were really starting to gain steam and more people obviously have been paying attention than even I would have guessed.

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