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11-28-2012, 08:25 PM
It's closing time.
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Holden is right.....Forbes is guessing but they are probably not miles off. those who said merch sales will never match this past year are correct IMHO. Nobody had any new Jets wear and sales were insane out of their dedicated locations where they get inflated retail mark up.

My guess is that the bottom line could be close though in a stab in the dark kind of way. Going forward it "COULD" be nice if payroll costs dropped via the 50-50 split, that would add to the bottom line of TNSE. Also On the horizon is the next Canadian national TV deal and I am hearing rumblings that it could "increase" each teams revenues by $10 million. I know that seems alarming ($300 million increase in the deal) but the replacement cost of the current time inventory is estimated to be $200 million now so I wouldn't be suprised to see a multi network deal at over $400 million.

My hopes are when the dust settles on the CBA that TNSE can be a mid to upper cap team, receive modest revenue sharing, new TV money, and reduced cost structure that they can make about $20 million a year. If that happens the NHL will be in a healthy place financially and could move on to a new era of RELATIVE labor piece. Here's the rub.....the average salaries of the players would be higher as well

This is what is insane about the lockout. Between increased national sponsorships and the pending Canadian TV money the NHL and NHLPA are on the cusp of becoming a $4 billion dollar entity ($2 billion each) but I honestly think if they lose a season they could drop below $3 billion for a while and then they all suffer relatively speaking of coarse

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