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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
Thats crazy, its still fairly strict in Canada though. Alot of people I know throw campus parties and they are ragers but rarely get busted and if they do the peace officers just tell everyone to go home and thats the end of it. I still cant imagine not being able to drink and go to clubs till 21. A little off topic: I know me and my friends started drinking at parties and such around 15 (the odd weekends) but it didnt seem that odd since legal age was only a couple year away. What age do Americans start hitting the bottle. Do they start later since the drinking age is 3 years more?
Around the same age in a lot of cases. High school is pretty common, it ramps up in college.

It is rare for them to truly enforce the full weight of the ID laws as above. It is one of the reasons most make the choice to put their own name on them though. Then it is false information not identity theft. But those are more to get after the people making the fake ids or using positions in state offices to make profit off of selling and distribution. In this case it is fairly easy to see an underage friend has an older friends legal id. There is only so much they can do and I doubt they cared to pressure him into giving a back story. Especially since they kind of embarrassingly originally booked him as Brendan Smith while he kept telling them his name was Riley.

Because the window is much larger from starting drinking to legal drinking in the case of USA versus Canada there is a different culture to it. I remember going across the boarder to Windsor and thinking they didn't look at ids the same way and chalking that up to it must not be as common. Could be wrong.

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