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11-28-2012, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
I don't know how people can ***** about the CFL getting the biggest names in entertainment to do the half time show. I work with a lady who doesn't give a fiddlers **** about sports but she tuned into see the show.

Bottom line is the CFL put together ANOTHER lineup that the NFL would love to steal for the Superbowl.

Cry all you want but the only singer who has recently had a bigger hit than Beiber and Carly Rae is PSY.

The CFL exposed itself to a different demographic with the show. The half time show is mainly for the TV audience anyway. Most of the fans at the stadium are hitting the can and getting a refill.
Yeah,I'm sure the NFL is screaming with envy about the CFL halftime show.....I guess getting 106 million viewers for the latest Super Bowl isn't cutting it.

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