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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
They do take all the financial risks, or at least most of them. I'm talking about NHL level. I don't care what you think about the kid at 15 or 16, and the risk their taking. If they're in the NHL, they're getting well compensated.
So, the only risk they do take is health wise. They have guaranteed contracts. So unless they suffer a major major injury on their last contract year, then they might end up getting screwed financially. But, sometimes, that's not even the case. Look at Markov who was still capable of getting over 15M worth over 3 years despite barely playing the previous seasons.
If Markov had maintained his 60 point per 80 game pace from before his injuries he would have done far better than 3 years, 5.75 million per.

However, it's certainly true that once players make it to UFA and sign their best contract they have gotten past most of their risks. The majority of their risk distribution is definitely beforehand. The vast majority of the players who undertake the tremendous sacrifice necessary to make the NHL don't make the NHL, that's where the risk is. There's 200 players in a given draft year, maybe 400 putting in some semblance of an effort to make the NHL, very few will have a worthwhile career.

Kids at 15, 16 trying to make the NHL put a lot of time into hockey. If they were to put that into school, for example, they'd have a safe bet for success, a safe bet whose door closes later on. You may say "you don't care", and that's your liberty since you're not involved, but the players likely do care as they gave up on options to make the NHL, and most who give up on those options don't make the NHL. They each know many people among their cohorts who have nothing to show for their efforts.

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