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11-28-2012, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by FytinSioux View Post
I forgot that jones wasn't committed. See my last post. My bad.

Maybe that did happen with miller. Maybe it didn't. Who knows. Explain to me of all teams why the NYR would be strongly against the NCAA. Each situation is different, but do you see why I am questioning what happened.

I never said Matteau was a month or two before the season started. I said most are a month or two. It doesn't matter now that he has been an idiot since leaving, he was still a big recruit at the time.

Koules is still better than a walk on, no?

You make it sound like I am crazy for questioning some of these de-commitments.
you're not crazy for questioning them...but there are more reasons a prospect has for de-committing than they got paid under the table. just b/c a prospect bails doesn't mean that he was paid off.

rightly or wrongly there is a perception that the chl is an easier path to the nhl than the ncaa. for most kids, they don't start college until *after* they've been drafted so may decide they'll get drafted higher if they're playing in the chl during their draft year. ...or , after being drafted, might decide (perhaps with the strong encouragement of their nhl team) that the chl will be better for their development or present a quicker route to the nhl.

even if ^^ isn't accurate, the perception is certainly there...and while i'm sure there is underhanded stuff that goes on, i don't think it's fairly rare.

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