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11-28-2012, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by kurt View Post
I remember the days when people would argue Torres was the P4P best in the world. I never agreed as many smaller guys were up at 155 to fight in the UFC, but he was definitely one of the best little guys in the world.
Me too, I was probably one of them.

It's funny looking back, his dominance must have been heavily credited to little depth in the division. He was amazing for a long stretch but that crazy **** (like the monkey rolls) just doesn't work as the sport evolves. He'll always be one of my top fighters for entertainment value alone.

The WEC probably could have run a ppv earlier if they used jonathons matchup. Great fight in the day.

Speaking of the WEC, remember when a young Carlos was ruining everyone they served him? Hendricks was just blasting onto the scene but was punching his way onto the radar. One more year and that fight would have happen. Carlos probably subs him @ that point in their careers.

They'll probably meet in the UFC but the outcome could be different if big rig keeps transforming into a mini Hendo, could be antouch bias there.

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