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11-28-2012, 09:30 PM
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Jacobs is a jerk and most everyone knows it. Ilitch dared question him in public, the Wings thanks for doing that. He targeted one of their free agent players and a team that is one of the pillars of the league isn't on the BOG. If I remember right the Leafs were kicked off the board for a little while for getting chippy with Jacobs and company.

The bigger thing is he isn't doing this alone, he might be the voice but he clearly holds some major support. He keeps the position and the votes. This idea that large portions of ownership don't agree on a lot of this doesn't really scan. Sure a bunch don't want to see the season lost, but they are still fighting for things they care about. It isn't just Jacobs and Bettman alone, they might make your blood boil the most but to date they still hold enough votes and faith to continue doing what they do.

They are playing a dangerous game because Snider, Ilitch and other powerful owners with credibility could step out and end this. But without the NHLPA putting linkage on the table and doing some of the things these owners want there is no reason for a Coup d'état. Why so you can be the guy that said he is unreasonable but they still aren't close enough? My guess is both Bettman and Jacobs are in trouble when this ends, but they won't hurt themselves by doing it now as an ownership group. If they get some of the things they want, not all that Jacobs and Bettman want, they can cram an agreement down their throats. Unfortunately lost in all this is the NHLPA showing up late for meetings and offering the same thing over and over isn't pushing it to the critical stage where this can happen.

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