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11-28-2012, 09:46 PM
No more status quo?!
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Probably the league is denying it because they don't want to admit the owners are just as fractioned as the players.

As to why Jacobs has this much power, I don't think he would have this much power if Gary didn't share his viewpoints. He (with the Phoenix vote), Jacobs and six other owners can block a CBA they don't like. If Bettman didn't agree with Jacobs he'd be rounding up a majority of moderates to pass a CBA proposal since apparently you only need a majority if it's a deal Bettman signs off on. Probably most of the owners are just going along with it for now because they were promised a big win by Bettman and his hard-liners. And because they don't have enough votes to outflank the minority.

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