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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
The "excuse" I mean is that even if you weren't around to see him play he is recent enough to have lots of footage on him in full game situations.

I feel I've presented my arguments very well, in this thread and the other thread. Esposito gets a bad rap because he wasn't a Perreault or a Lafleur or one who skated circles around everyone. He was just simply effective and better than anyone in NHL history at what he did.

The numbers are very slanted. I've seen them and I told you before they do not make a very good case against Esposito. Look at Orr after he left Boston without any Esposito. Yes his knees were bIanged up and while it isn't a large sample size he was just a point a game without his old buddy. Ken Hodge is good enough to be a star in the Hall of "very good" and you can credit Esposito with that as well. Cashman had his best numbers when Esposito had his best statistical seasons too. You can see the impact the big man made. Boston had their worst playoff in 1973 when Esposito was in the hospital. Even Orr only had a couple points in the 5 game series against the Rangers.

He was a gigantic hole to fill and those Bruins teams aren't the same without him.
You do your position no favours when you continue to act like people think he was a Scrub who was not a Great or important player who couldn't outperform Orr for short stretches. No one thinks that.

Hardyvan, maybe.

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