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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
That makes no sense, though. Why did he give it to the police officer if he found it and was going to return it to Brendan? How did he get alcohol if he found it and was going to return it?

Either a) Brendan had lost his license and Riley found it and decided to use it to buy alcohol and use it as a fake ID or b) Brendan gave it to Riley to use.

If a) then Riley is guilty of identity theft and fraud. If b) Brendan is in trouble for giving someone his ID and that's another whole host of issues.
According to what I read he didn't give his name and when they looked through his wallet they first found Brendan's, so they assumed it was him, they later found Riley's and he admitted to him being Riley then.
Getting the alcohol is as simple as "I found it" nothing more nothing less, the bar, the liquor store, Brendan Smith can't get in trouble then.

The whole identity theft angle is nearly impossible to prove, especially when both guys who are in on it are friends. The simple I lost my ID, I found his ID and was going to return it is simple and corroborates each other

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