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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post
I don't view Vincent Jackson as that kind of guy. I said in my post it can go the other way, but those guys are few and far between. I consider Larry Fitzgerald to be one of the best receivers in the league and he can't even elevate his QB.

Essentially what you're saying here is that you see the problem with the passing offense lying in the receivers inability to get open. In which case, I'm just going to have to completely disagree.

It does matter who is throwing the ball, we routinely see Fitz miss open receivers. Just because your receivers can get open, it doesn't mean your QB can hit them (see the Spiller and Jones' plays down the sideline this week).

In my opinion...Stevie, Jones, Nelson, and Graham is a competent receiving group to head into next season with. That's not a priority (at least not over QB) for me right now. Additionally, I think Spiller is perfectly capable of splitting out wide if need be, something I wish they would utilize more often.
I never once said that is the problem with Buffalo's offense. I'm looking pass one year needs. I want a WR that can be a premiere target for the next decade not some lackluster QB prospect in a weak draft class ( pretty much wasting a pick). For example I wanted the Bills to trade for Bowe.... not because I thought he'd help them reach the playoffs this year but that a tandem between him and Johnson would of done wonders for a young QB (Fitz's replacement).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't think picking a QB in this draft is worth it..... they'll reach for anyone they pick up

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