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Originally Posted by livewell68 View Post
Not even the best half season of the last 15 years. In 1999-00, Jagr had 71 Pts (32 goals and 39 assists) in his first 39 games. This was during the "Dead Puck Era" and the Penguins' second leading scorer finished the whole season in 82 games with 66 Pts and this player was Kovalev.
Why did you use 39 games? Half a season is 41 games, and Jagr had 73 points through those games.

"Dead Puck Era" or not, the average NHL goals-per-game was 5.49 that season, and the average in Crosby's season was virtually identical at 5.59:

Jagr's linemates were a combination of Beranek, Kip Miller and Hrdina in that season. Not your legitimate 1st liners. In fact Jagr made those guys 1st liners in Pittsburgh.
Miller was only there in '99-'00 for 44 games, and Beranek for 13. So presumably Jagr played a good period of time with some of Pittsburgh's higher quality forwards at even-strength that year too.

His linemates are pretty comparable to what Crosby had to work with in '10-'11. It's outstanding that both Jagr and Crosby could score at that rate with that calibre of players.

He was leading the league in goals, assists and points and would have been the first player since Gretzky to lead the league in both goals and assists outright in the same season. That 71 Pts in 39 games was a pace of 150 Pts over 82 games.
73 in 41.

And yes, it's very impressive. But when you consider that Jagr was a relatively one-dimensional offensive winger while Crosby was elite in other aspects of the game, it becomes clear why some people would prefer his half-season when the raw offensive numbers are as close as they are.

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