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11-28-2012, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
I worked at JCPenney a few years ago for christmas. We had like 20 Christmas songs on loops for two months straight. I wanted to die. There was one Dreidel song and one Kwanzaa song too. The worst was Last Christmas because we literally had three versions of it on that 20 song playlist.

Jack Rollins -- the guy who wrote Frosty the Snowman -- was my Grandma's cousin which makes him my 3rd cousin I guess. I think that means I have to like that song at least.
I worked at the Best Buy in Village Square for the 2005 Holiday was hell for many reasons, but the biggest reason, by far, was the fact that there was only a single CD playing every day on loop...and every other ****ing damn song on it was 'Wonderful Christmastime'. Everytime someone would start turning the volume up in the car stereo section I swear my right eye would just about pop out of my head.

At least the place I work now mixes in holiday music with the regular rotation of music. It's not completely shoved down our of the perks of working for a thoroughly Jewish company.

Though I did have to turn the radio off after it played Wonderful Christmastime on Tuesday. That's just never acceptable.

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