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11-28-2012, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by OHLTG View Post
If you look at his fights, people pretty much agree he dominated them. It's all right there. I'm not sure where you don't see he's a decent fighter, but that's your decision.

The one thing I've always found amusing, though, is when people talk about a players "value" to a team. Has anyone ever talked to the players to find out what an enforcers value is? I have. Value isn't points or +/-, but what they bring to the locker room, the bench, and the confidence of the other 20+ guys on the team. If I'm a hockey player, having that one giant on the team who can go anyone in the league is invaluable. If you prefer to look at just the stats, though, hey, by all means.
Here's what I don't get. You're stating these enforcers carry the intangibles. Intangibles cannot be measured but you're trying to put a value on these enforcers that cannot be measured. How do you put a value on something that can't be measured? Do you believe the Knights would have won the OHL championship if Flemington was not on the roster? Do you believe the Spits would have won 2 OHL championships without Greenop? I don't want an explanation just a simple yes or no answer.

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