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11-28-2012, 11:03 PM
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Just got this yesterday (early Christmas gift from my parents )

I love the Attitude Era. Only playing on normal for now. I need to get used to the switch of the controls... Thank God reversals are now possible. WWE '12 was practically unplayable because of them...

I got the Accelerator for $1.99 (Way to raise it a buck, THQ. I see how desperate you are...) and I'm thinking of changing overalls. Tell me what you guys think of this.

60-69 ----> Divas only (Lita and Trish would be the only two at 69. No sexual pun here haha)
70-79 ----> Mid carders
80-84 ----> IC Title contenders / good wrestlers (Dolph Zigger / Kofi / Miz?)
85-89 ----> Typical main eventers (Ziggler would be around 85. Cena / Punk at 89)
90+ ------> Legends only.

I would like to tweak this somehow. I want there to be a distinct difference between someone like Dolph Ziggler and The Rock / SCSA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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