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11-28-2012, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
Actually Gambling has more to do with why the NFL is so big than anything.

Jacksonville closes the top section of the stadium for NFL games but fills it for college games. Which would seem counter intuitive but that is what I heard.

Any team can make it theoretically, but in reality there is an ebb and flow as to the contenders and bottom feeders. Usually.

Football in the states is just huge. Having only 16 games a year and making every game so valuable has a part in why it is popular.

You are right. There is something between Green Bay and Chicago each bailing the other out at different times. How many times has a team moved in and out of LA, or St. Louis? There has been several instances of teams failing. But the TV money is too big now. They split it and everyone walks away a winner.

There is no chance of failure.
If the NHL teams bailed each other out like the NFL teams did we'd all be fine.

It'll never happen in the NHL rhough

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