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Originally Posted by Reiher View Post

What's to stop another lockout though? Well I'm not sure how to address that one, I just don't know how this cycle gets broken...
Problem stems from fact there are too many teams that are not profitable, nor will be in the near future. Problem is, that you don't need to be profitable, since NHL is a monopoly. If NHL teams had to operate under competitive market laws, many teams would not have to be bailed out year after year, and more a natural progression would be seen in the NHL. Instead we have speculative type of business model, where profitability of the league depends more or less on the future of the non profitable markets. Which, mingled with global recession, specifically the USA, is nearly impossible, and the costs of that failed speculative plan, which more or less is the creation of Bettman (if he's not the puppeteer, he's the puppet) which ultimately lead to lock out.

the "core economic" issues is, from my point of view, is more about the viability of certain markets, then it is about revenue share.
And for me, revenue share problem should more or less be determined by the value of players vs investors in terms of who is responsible for bringing in the revenues. The "final" product. I'm fine with a 50/50, even though i think the players are more responsible of the actual product, mostly because of their level of eliteness.

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