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11-29-2012, 12:08 AM
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great find thx for posting

For the comment that if this was anonymous it would be horribly flamed i dont doubt that one bit and not only because of what a lot would say are weird rankings but also the combative nature of this board..

Definitely think Bowman is slanted towards O6 hockey and doesnt like run and gun 80s hockey by the pattern of highest/lowest rankings.

Maybe Trottier insanely low because of when Bowman coached him. He was a roleplayer when Bowman saw him closest. Might also explain why Yzerman is low as well as he was past his prime but also not exactly a roleplayer.

Roy pretty low surprised me i do think hes overrated by many and i expected/would put him higher but then again game 7 2002 was Bowman's last coaching memory

If Gretzky is at #5 because of his D wasnt Richard not super great defensively either especially for his era?

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