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11-29-2012, 02:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post
You said if the guys can get open it doesn't matter who's throwing the ball. That implies to me that the problem isn't the QB, it's the guys trying to get open.

QB is as far from a one year need as you can get. Is this a weak draft class? Sure, it is. Does that mean no quality QBs will end up coming out of it? Not at all. Having guys like Luck or RGIII (let alone both) was a rarity, nobody in this year's draft matches that but there is are a ton of guys I'd be more than comfortable grabbing in the 2nd round that could very well have starting potential. Unless they can get Smith (which I doubt), I'm 100% on board with taking a LB in the 1st. Then go QB in the 2nd round.
Once again I never applied it to Buffalo's offense. So using your Fitzgerald argument.... his QB has 0 time to throw.... literally the worst line in all of football right now.

I'm saying you build your offense this year without the QB then draft one next year. People like to jump onto the we need to draft a QB wagon without realizing there are no good ones available.... unless you liked the Losman pick? If Buffalo picks up a QB before round 3 that isn't named Barkley or Smith it was a waste of a pick

Ofcourse McClain is a perfect fit for Buffalo.... a LB that can't stop the run seems like the player Buffalo really misses

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