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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
The owners take the financial risks. The players takle certain health risks. What makes the players so special compared to people in other jobs where there is risk, though? Oh, yeah, the incredible compensation on insurance the players receive, overall. Let a police officer, fireman, or construction worker get hurt and see how well he/she is compensated compared to hockey players. It is a joke. The players are in the profession of their choice and get damned well compensated for their job. Far more than the vast majority of other people in jobs as risky or moreso. They should not be entitled to get over 50% of the HRR simply because they could get injured doing their job. The worst thing is that most of the injuries are from other players! They deliberately do it to each other. Let them learn to play without cheap shots and the deliberate attempts to injure we see every year and there would be far less risk.

The owners take all of the financial risk of buying and running an NHL franchise. They pay everyone's salaries and all of the bills. The players line their pockets. It is 100% clear who takes all of the financial risks of paying for hockey and all associated costs. That is why people are on the side of the owners who are asking for 50% of the HRR. They aren't even asking the players to add all of their HRR to the total HRR amount, which they should.

Enough with all this crying for the poor players and the great risks they are taking. The vast majority of people are not as well protected, financially, should something befall them at work. Let the players assume a portion of the costs related to running the NHL and then they can ask for a higher % of the HRR. Until then, do your job, accept your extremely lucrative and guaranteed money, go get your endorsement money, hockey signing money, signature fees, etc...and accept a fair share of the HRR.
let's start with this : they're the product, they're not only employees.

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