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Originally Posted by DuklaNation View Post
Author's brief bio:

I report on the business of sports for Forbes' SportsMoney group. My sports interests range from baseball and hockey to cricket and Formula One, though I have a special place in my heart for college football. Studying sports business interests me as both a writer and a sports fan, and I've found that digging through financial reports is often just as enjoyable as combing a box score.

LOL. No real detail on his qualifications. If you guys rely on Forbes in any way, please note that this guy has ZERO access to the real #'s. Seriously, this guy is in way over his head.

Simple proof. Total debt would be all liabilities (incl short term). Virtually every company has short term liabilities for operations at a minimum. Yet his report has teams with zero?

I wont ever bother with the rest. Intercompany transactions would complicate this A LOT.
Can the Forbes information be depended on? I've bolded above to bring attention to the area I'm addressing.

Interesting connections. Forbes Inc is 40% owned by Elevation Partners. Roger McNamee is named as a partner.

In 2001 Roger McNamee and Ted Leonsis were both on the same seven person panel.

There may be other connections out there too. Interestingly Bono the U2 singer is also a partner in Elevation.

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