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11-29-2012, 02:37 AM
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Well for all we know they may be part of the next season, I'm guessing there's a reason they didn't give us any closure on the Omid and Christa front, even if only to leave people with something to speculate about before they bring the next season around

It's really hard explaining why this game is so good to people, I have a lot of friends who are gamers and I'm like hey check this one out and they ask why is it so good, what sort of game is it and it's difficult to explain that there's really very little skill to it and it's more of an interactive show if anything, but that doesn't do it justice, you can't explain the emotional trip that it is. You can't explain the way that, at least for me, I'd feel self conscience about whether Clemantine was around before I did anything "bad", or the way I felt that I had to be direct with her about what was happening

and then of course, that may be completely different for some people, no doubt some will have felt they needed to shelter Clem when talking to her etc.

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