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Originally Posted by burf View Post
With regards to St. Louis, one of their big problems is they don't control a number of the revenue streams associated with their hockey operations/the arena. Notably, the city takes all parking revenue, and the concession rights were sold a few years back by their previous owner to make a quick buck, and those are two of the biggest revenue streams available to a gate-driven league like the NHL.

They also don't own their arena (and have a bad arena deal), and they have to pay a weird (and huge) luxury tax to the city that no other pro sports team has to pay.

Basically, St. Louis would probably be a decent market right now if not for previous management and the city itself screwing them over. Their on-ice struggles haven't helped, but I'm pretty sure at this point there isn't too much that can be done to help St. Louis. Even a new CBA wouldn't fix their problems, since their problems are entirely structural, rather than related to player costs.

Bill "Wal Mart" Laurie and Dave Checketts royally hosed the team in their own unique way (Laurie sold off the players and Checketts sold off the lucrative food consessions revenue streams) and yes, the Arena lease stinks with no parking revenue and being straddled with having to fund the newly renovated Opera House attached to the rear of the arena, and having to fund the AHL affiliate as well. The ticket revenue is minimal because of our insanely low ticket prices. Yet, with the less than stellar on-ice performance from 2005-2012 (2 playoff appearances) we still back the joint with 19150 nearly every night. Now that we have local ownership, this will be much better soon, even still I'd be on board with a 10-15% raise in ticket prices (I pay 2250 for a full season in the lower bowl, corner, blues shoot twice). The ownership need to generate more streams of revenue to acquire a ringer FA forward or D-man to put us over the top.

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