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11-29-2012, 05:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Eternal Sunshine View Post
I find it insulting that it isn't already, to be honest. I'm pretty sure they used to show rodeo events, they might still, I wouldn't know, don't watch as much TV or CBC specifically as I did ~15 years ago. They show a lot of curling, which is great. Box lacrosse is just as Canadian as those things. I don't have TV Cogeco, so... yes. CBC should air the games.
Lacrosse used to be the sport of Canada before they relegated it to summer sport of Canada to make way for ice hockey to be the winter sport. If im not mistaken.

The Bellies used to get massive numbers out to their games back in the day 60-70 years ago.

Its quite unfortunate that most people dont give a damn about it and frankly lacrosse doesnt do enough to promote itself and often does things that hurt its reputation.

When i played JrA we were lucky to get 50 fans out to the games. The only teams that really got fans out were Victoria Shamrocks and NW Bellies. Maybe a couple of hundred.

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