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11-29-2012, 05:58 AM
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Originally Posted by IdealisticSniper View Post
Two things. It is my understanding that the Forbes estimates include the debt of any arena costs as well. Including renovations. Vinik just dumped nearly 50M into that. If thats true then they really made quite a bit of profit from actual hockey.

As for the fans, the things they rate them on are ridiculous. Prices of things? Like the fans have control over that. And since when are cheap things (read: not ridiculously price gouged things, Im looking at you Toronto), a bad thing? Attendance we were 96% full and in the middle of the pack last year, on a team that didnt make the playoffs. And TV ratings? That would completely depend on the TV market available. Its just very arbitrary uncontrollable things for them to rank the actual fans on.
I read this yesterday. Other than providing grist for the BOH relocate mill, it really doesn't say anything pertinent to or about the Lightning fan base. As we are all aware down here, ST prices went up after last season, and sales were still good. Well, at least before lockout chatter really started penetrating. And TV ratings last season were up 60 % last season. Very little mention of how things are improving and total failure to take into account the dark years of OK Hockey. As for social media and merchandising, meh. We're a small market in a transplant state with people who come down here with their lifetime sports allegiances in tow.

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