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11-29-2012, 06:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Again, it's impossible to generalize. I'm sure some Slovak rural districts look a lot worse than, say, Kiev. Ultimately, all those labels are unimportant, but quite a few Slovaks find the label of "Eastern Europe" for Slovakia offensive, and they only accept "Central Europe". This objection makes sense, seeing as Vienna is a 40-minute ride away from the Slovak capital of Bratislava, and no one in their right mind would call Austria "Eastern Europe" or Mozart an "Eastern European composer". Labeling Slovakia, Slovenia or Czech Republic as "Eastern Europe" is mostly a vestige of prejudices from the Cold War era when all those countries were behind the Iron Curtain. Yes, we're all "ex-Eastern Block" and we're different from Austria or Germany, but that does not necessarily make us "Eastern European". If in doubt or if you're trying to be polite, just say "Central European" instead.

rural Eastern Slovakia with poor Roma ghettos is nothing I would brag about, to be honest

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