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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
Can you disprove anything he wrote? Or did you just want to complain about something I posted, as usual?
What are you saying I have an agenda?

Sure I can disprove what he wrote. Its called Forbes.

hmmmm.....forbes? or what was that other site?

The problem with refuting the Forbes numbers is that I have no better model to offer, simply the argument that an honest mess is better than a clean lie. I can’t point to sources and say “All of their numbers are wrong.”

You want sources when your source didnīt use sorces??? Hmmm......sounds about right. Which means it is only his opinion and not fact.
here is my source, its called credibility.

Again, that’s a huge miss – according to Forbes, the Maple Leafs brought in $1MM in revenue less than the New York Rangers – counting playoff games – of which the Rangers played zero and the Leafs seven. According to the NHLPA’s proposal, the Rangers were more than $19MM back in regular season revenue alone. Again, they have to be out by more than 25% on someone here.

what does your blogger even mean there? You might as well quote Eklund.

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