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11-29-2012, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Yes, Slovan has all you described, that is fine. On the other hand, Slovan is poor KHL club. Now. We are speaking about 10 mil(+/-) EURO budget. If you want to be competitive in KHL, you need at least 20 mil EURO. Yes, Slovan is 5th in conference now, that is great. But look at their PR department, media communication, website etc - it is not KHL level. And yes, KHL does not need such clubs anymore, clubs where is no potential. Therefore no Kosice, Trencin etc. I can not see more slovak teams in KHL if the model of KHL is the same. On the other hand, I see a big potential of slovak clubs in MHL.

allrite, thats why KHL accepted LEV Poprad, club with no money, still owing salaries to their former player, and is going to accept Milano or Zagreb, that will never make 10m budget without russian money

Slovan having no potential is the funniest part - Slovan estimated gate income to be 10% of their revenues, so far it looks gate revenue alone has potential to reach 30-40%. Your logics is flawed.

More money is no key to success, we could see it on example of pre-cap era Rangers. Donetsk with 20m/year isnt exactly tearing KHL apart either.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Dont know if there is sense to answer, but lets do it.
frankly ? it was waste of time, yours and mine.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
you are overrating tradition
this is popular opinion from areas with no tradition. Slovan fans outnumbered Lev fans in their own arena because of tradition. If would never happened if the Prague would be represented by some real club like Sparta or Slavia with tradition and fans and some pride in their club.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Dont want to discuss TV right again. There is a reason why SportTV owns these rights, if you dont know why, use google or previous discussion at HfB. The same about "selling their games via official site " I give you a great bussiness idea - find out money, email to KHL and I am sure you get this job. Your company will profit from it You think it is such easy, something like contracts/law/cooperation etc say nothing to you. Great.

I already run my own business, and cant say Im starving. So no, thanks.

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