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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
This is the same thing for the Steelers, in my opinion. A lot of the fans IN the city and surrounding areas are bandwagon fans like they are for the Steelers and Pirates. Then there are the rest of us diehards who are part of every fanbase. But the trump card is our global fan base. They are everywhere and go to games. They follow the Pens even when games come on late as hell or early. That's why Pittsburgh, in general, has the greatest fans. When people leave this city, they take Pittsburgh with them. And when they have kids... they are raised to be Pittsburghers who moved away. It's truly remarkable.

A perfect example is my cousin. His parents grew up in Pittsburgh and they moved as a family when he was 7 or 8 years old. To this day (he's in his 30s), he is a diehard Pittsburgh fan. Even though the majority of his life as been in Michigan or Chicago, he's just a diehard Pittsburgh fan and it will never stop. Any time the Pens are in Chicago, he pays top dollar to see 'em.

Another example is when the Pens go to Columbus or even Game 7 of the Cup Finals. Our fans were there and made themselves be known. THOSE are the fans that earned us that top spot. The people in Pittsburgh (the bandwagon fans) just plain suck.
I am in Pittsburgh. I don't think I suck I also know a LOT of people who were bandwagon fans in 2005 who are now absolutely "real" penguins fans including my parents and my wife. None of which are going to go make a ton of noise at a game. Unless I'm drunk, neither will I. I really don't see how volume has anything to do with being a good fan. We are always at the Columbus games. We were in Buffalo for the Winter Classic. We've been to a few games in Philly. In fact, my wife and I set a goal to see a game in every NHL arena. But we would rather watch the game instead of hoot and holler. (except for the one game in Philly where I was totally that drunk ******* all night ) We cheer when appropriate. But I'm not going to feel like a lesser fan because I don't make noise all game long.

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