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Originally Posted by Sour Shoes View Post
the crowds at the igloo in 07-08 were insane. that was my first year with a half season STH plan (bandwagon timing it appears, but really - i didn't hit my earning stride till that season!). since that year, the noise level has dropped dramatically. it's embarrassingly quiet. student rushers have been phased out, and joe corporate (and the clients he wants to impress) have been phased in. you don't need to be obnoxious, but for ****'s sake you can at least stand up when a goal is scored!!!! a live hockey game is great no matter what, but the experience isn't what it used to be.
I have never been to a game at Consol where every person (well, pens fan) in my section didn't stand up and cheer for a goal. Or even for a fight or a big hit. Maybe its just up in the cheap seats, but I have never thought a game at Consol was anything resembling quiet. People were enjoying the game and cheering and yelling. Just not that college atmosphere it was when the games were full of college kids for student rush. When I was a student rusher, I loved that stuff. I wish they had a few games a year where they really expanded the student rush tickets to get that student atmosphere again.

The funny thing is, if the group of people who were student rushing a game in the "glory days" of noisy crowds were to all get tickets to a game this year, there is no way it would sound anything like it did in 2003. I would have been screaming like the drunk ******* I was back then. I'd be going with the same friends -- and their kids. That will immediately drop my profanity and inappropriate behavior to as close to zero as I can get it. I'm sure me and my friends aren't the only student rushers who have grown up quite a bit since then.

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