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11-29-2012, 07:45 AM
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When the NFL decertified in 1989 it was not settled in court until 1992 and there was not a new CBA until 1993. How did they continue to play without a CBA?

Either way the landmark antitrust suit the players won was McNeil v. NFL. At the time the NFL did not have true unrestricted free agency (right of first refusal required compensation for all FA signings). The players successfully made the argument that this right of first refusal rule was an antitrust violation by the league (limited the players' ability to sell their talents in a free market). Reggie White, on behalf of all NFL players, filed a class action suit against the league based on the McNeil decision. The league then opted to settle, giving the players UFA in exchange for a hard cap.

I am by no means a lawyer, but I have a difficult time seeing what current piece of league operations the players will be able to establish as an antitrust violation. Perhaps they go after the draft? Restricted free agency? The cap? Either way none of these are near as restrictive as the NFL's right of first refusal rule.

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