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11-29-2012, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
try to sum up all his statements since 2007-08 year and you will find out why, when and what he has been saying.

Kosice will not play KHL in next 2 seasons, I am sure. If they have chance later, it is no sure. All depends on developing situation. I am sure, Kosice is not a goal of KHL NOW.
this thread is about KHL in 5 years, so I cant really argue with you now about what happens in 2 years.

Im pretty sure Kosice would only benefit from KHL and other way around. Budget f.e. - even in Extraliga, they had average budget around 3,5 - 4m. If they could make additional 2m from gate income, they wouldnt be that far away from achieving 10m/y. And Im pretty sure Kosice fanbase is strong enough to bear higher costs for tickets, after all, the 2nd highest average wages in Slovakia are in Kosice, right after Bratislava. If you want to see what a Slovak team can offer with just 10m budget, feel free to compare Slovan and Donbass with their 20m budget.

Rumoured sale of USS steel factory in Kosice to Rinat Akhmetov could speed up (or slow down) whole process. USS were already huge contributor. You cant deny that Akhmetov has potential to take it to whole new level, if he turns his head from soccer to hockey.

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