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11-29-2012, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Liberation View Post
You don't think the NHLPA has access to the numbers, yet has not called out the NHL?

Seriously in what world would the NHLPA not have access to the numbers.
Assuming they do (which I don't necessarily believe), there's no benefit to leaking them. They're negotiating with ownership. At this point public opinion doesn't matter and probably won't matter again until the lockout threatens future revenue.

These are the first financial reports I've seen (granted I haven't been paying much attention) and it's pretty clear who leaked them. It's pretty rare for a private company's audited books to leak. With sports teams, I believe a couple nfl teams' Leaked during last years' lockout and the Marlins' books leaked after they defrauded the city of Miami.

Edit: The NHLPA didn't get financial statements in 2004. They got a second hand fairy tale put together by Arthur Levitt. The NFLPA sued to get financials in 2011. The league settled rather than hand them over. I doubt the NHLPA has anything if value to work with.

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