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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
I am in Pittsburgh. I don't think I suck I also know a LOT of people who were bandwagon fans in 2005 who are now absolutely "real" penguins fans including my parents and my wife. None of which are going to go make a ton of noise at a game. Unless I'm drunk, neither will I. I really don't see how volume has anything to do with being a good fan. We are always at the Columbus games. We were in Buffalo for the Winter Classic. We've been to a few games in Philly. In fact, my wife and I set a goal to see a game in every NHL arena. But we would rather watch the game instead of hoot and holler. (except for the one game in Philly where I was totally that drunk ******* all night ) We cheer when appropriate. But I'm not going to feel like a lesser fan because I don't make noise all game long.
You missed the point of my post. We both live in Pittsburgh and are part of the diehard fanbase that exists in Pittsburgh. However, we are only about 50% of the fans in Pittsburgh, maybe less. The other half is what gives us the bad name and buys the majority of the tickets (for their company) because they can afford 'em. There is nothing wrong with being a bandwagon fan, but it does affect the environment at Pens games. A lot of the great tickets go to people who sometimes don't show up, who walk around most of the game, etc. They are entitled to it as they can afford it. But in a perfect world, they watch it from home and a fan moves in.

What separates us from every other city, is our global fan base. People who move away from here stay Pittsburghers in a different location. It's truly amazing.

A better example is "Steeler Nation" - How many people do you see downtown who wear the jersey, scream how good big ben is, and just get so trashed that they don't even remember the game? It's quite ubiquitous. But the other 50% are diehards who watch every play. And then our global fan base is just ridiculous and they have bars all over the earth, attend any game even close to their new home, etc.

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