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Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
rough day? Need me to ship those cupcakes back to you?

I like the pumpkin ones. Wife can have the chocolate. I had to laugh because I told her "look what we got" and she said "Oh cool - I was thinking about making cookies in a jar for everyone at Christmas. How long do we bake them?" I stood there speechless for a second trying to process A)how the hell do you make cookies in a jar and B)what makes her think these need to be cooked yet. Finally I just said, these are already made, just inside a jar. "Ohhhhhh, I thought they were just the ingredients to make them like a kit."

I explained who and why and she did the "awww that's so nice." So there you go.
I've seen pies in a jar... but never a cookie. Although I have seen cookie ingredients in a jar as a gift.

But seriously?

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